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Gold Nemesis

Headset Bluetooth Headset Professional Music Rock Headset Monitor Wireless

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3.5mm headphone cable detachable design 

Marshall Logo storage bag

Instructions for use:

IPHONE, HTC, BLACKBERRY, Samsung can be used directly, with a headset function, you can directly control IPHONE and IPOD, click to answer the phone, switch play / pause, press twice for the next song, press three times for a song.

Style monitor plug-in [boxed】

The headphone has a classic Marshall speaker style, white Marshall embossed lettering and black vinyl leather. In terms of sound, Monitor has a powerful and lively effect. It has extremely low dive and rich high frequency, plus natural IF performance. Monitor's F.T.F (High Frequency Filtering) system allows the user to set the sound himself, such as maintaining a warm and relaxed tone, or turning off the filter for a brighter and clearer audible effect.